Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There is no obligation to deposit upon registering to Crypto Investment. Only when you actually want to start your Investment will you need to make the minimum investment deposit on your chosen investment portfolio or Cryptocurrency.

The minimum investment deposit is specified in the chosen investment portfolio.

Login to your account and request to make deposit. You will be provided the corresponding cryptocurrency wallet address to complete the deposit process. Click here to make a deposit now

To open an Investment account with us Click here.

Yes. Your private information is highly protected using the most up-to-date hi-tech techniques, ensuring you are in a safe Investing environment.

Withdrawals are automatic, withdrawal transactions can also be initiated from your investment account. Weekly profits/coupons are paid out to the wallet address you have provided during withdrawals and account profile update. To change your wallet address, you can do so when you "Update Profile" or notify us via our support mail before your next payout.

Yes. You can make further reinvestments on your account while your investment term is still ongoing, there are no reinvestment restrictions but there is a minimum deposit amount of $500 on any of the chosen investment portfolio.

In order to check out your Investment account balance, all you need to do is log in to your Investment account. Your account balance and transaction history will be displayed on your account dashboard.

There are no additional fees.

Investors can choose between the listed cyptocurrencies for depositing funds. During deposits, you will be asked to choose your desired investment portfolio and deposit cryptocurrency.

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