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Cryptocurrency Mining

Mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, and also the means through which new cryptocurrencies are released. The mining process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle. The rewards, which incentivize mining, are both the transaction fees associated with the transactions compiled in the block as well as newly released cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency Trading is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) of cryptocurrencies. We are able to trade different Cryptocurrencies normally for USD and BTC, secure clients investment in the process and also earn from doing so. Trades are executed on secured trading platforms by our trained fund managers and traders. We always try to provide our clients with steady profits on their investment over their total investment term.


A good thing about entering the Forex market is that you don’t need large amounts of money to begin. It is possible to start trading Forex online for as little as $1. Many brokers often have a minimum amount required to open an account, and this can range from $100 to $500,000. You can simply get started with us on our "Forex" portfolios with a minimum of $500 and $100,000 and earn up to 5% - 10% weekly on your investment with us, throughout your investment term.

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Our experiences over the years, financial advice, and access to cryptocurrency investment capital has helped transform clients' business ideas into long-term growth and innovation. Crypto Investment serves financially established individuals and families, business owners and non-profit organizations. We encourage you to learn how we can help you achieve your financial and life goals because we believe in the future of Cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Cryptography.

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At Crypto investment group we see a future in Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology. We see a need for Investment in the future, we bring you such investment opportunities and let you explore the world of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies you can directly invest in with us.


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  • Create an investment account in a few easy steps.


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  • Earn steady withdrawable profits

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Danielle Johnson

The Crypto Asset And Investment Management Group Limited platform is highly trusted among all investment platforms, fast and reliable at any time, in any day, any week, any month and years to come.

I gave them a trial service and I was paid my bitcoin exactly a week after I made my investment deposit, an extra 5% bonus income was also paid instantly into my wallet when I referred a friend. Crypto Asset And Investment Management Group Limited is the most Trusted and the best as long as am concerned, with them earning extra passive income does not STOP.


Samuel Buckland

I encourage everyone to go ahead to give Crypto Asset And Investment Management Group a trial and confirm its reality. I have done so, that’s why I can boldly advice you to do the same. I earn 5% passive income in 7 days each time my investment is due.

Secondly i have used this platform to create job opportunity by recommending few people who have taken it up as business, database marketing, etc in order to make higher passive income. So, don’t be afraid of anything, with them you and your money is at 100% safety. Simply, give them a try, just fund your Account with any amount above the minimum investment and see by yourself how the outcome will be.


Dirk Schuhmacher

I am a residential real estate broker and quite cautious about my investments. I have been delighted with my investments with Crypto Asset And Investment Management Group Limited. All payments have been received as scheduled. I currently have two investment portfolios with Crypto Asset And Investment Management Group and am happy to continue my business relationship with them.

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